Apitcherfullofmirth Spews Vitriol

Excerpt of conversation between apitcherfullofmirth and the Universe.

Apitcherfullofmirth (spewing vitriol) : Screw you Universe! You’re an ugly place to be..
Apitcherfullofmirth: You’re an ugly twisted place to be
Universe (deep solemnity):……………….

Apitcherfullofmirth (a pang of guilt): Different matter there is beauty in ugliness also
Universe (almost patriarchal):…………………..
Apitcherfullofmirth (attempt at reconciliation): The tree with red berries outside my window is quite marvelous.Ok. Thank you.

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1 Response to Apitcherfullofmirth Spews Vitriol

  1. Parul says:

    Adding additional ending line:

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