Me day..

Bond and chotaa left early this morning..They are missed..
Watched a mind numbing movie called ‘I love you man’ till I fell asleep..Woke up at half past noon feeling much better, but numb all the same..
Avoided all contact with the rest of humanity, except the boy who delivered my lunch of daal and roti .. tipped him generously – he’s a nice regular guy he did not try to talk to me..
Watched Iqbal.. an OK movie tempered well by the presence of Girish Karnad and Naseeruddin Shah..
Wrote a bit..Stepped outside for some fresh air.. Tree outside my room greets me..
Movie again….I cannot bear the thought of having someone’s opinion shoved into my face and I do not want to risk being impolite…Avoid all conversations..
No opinions.. no thoughts.. no hatred.. no particular love..
fatigue? don’t think so ..boredom? definitely not..
I read a bit.. Write some more..
I guess it’s just a state of being..

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1 Response to Me day..

  1. I like the honesty…it’s so real

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